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Success for Clean Heat project in Poland

by Linda Bertelsen

We just received good news from Forum Energii, our fellow team in Poland. 

“Dear Pia and DBDH Team,
As our common project Clean Heat has come to an end, on behalf of the whole Forum Energii team, we would like to thank you for your cooperation, trust, expertise and support during this time. Over the last four years of our activity we have managed to achieve great results for the clean heat strategy in Poland and the European Union.”

Over the last four years the Forum Energii team has managed to achieve great results for the Clean Heat strategy through our common project. The heating sector is one of the main sources of CO2 and air pollution emissions in Poland. The sector remains heavily dependent on coal, underfunded, and socially sensitive. Now Forum Energii has managed to change the direction for the heating sector in Poland and obtain the tools and ideas to fight for clean heat. 

Goals and objectives achieved in four years

  • Channelling national and foreign funds 
  • Mobilizing national investments 
  • Creating awareness of the role of energy efficiency in buildings 
  • Clean Heat strategy published by the Ministry of Climate  
  • National Energy Policy targeting to abandon the use of coal in city households by 2030 
  • – and in village households by 2040 
  • Proven how district and individual heating can become neutral  
  • Proven how district and individual heating is feasible and economically viable 
  • Developed a new business model for climate neutrality in district heating 
  • Mobilized the Polish government to preparing an ambitious strategy for reducing energy consumption for heating 
  • Knowledge sharing with small towns  
  • Education of citizens about smog and its consequences 


“Working with you has been a very valuable experience for us and we hope to maintain it in our other projects.
Thank you again”

Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera, CEO of Forum Energii
Andrzej Rubczyński, Coordinator of the Clean Heat project