Study finds Ireland is one of worst countries in Europe for generating renewable heat

Date: 12/04/2019

Up to 57% of the country’s total heat demand could be covered by district heating networks, according to the Irish District Energy Association.

That is one of the key findings of the ‘Heat Atlas for Ireland’ study by the body.

It also found that Ireland currently ranks as one of the worst countries in Europe for generating renewable heat.

Director of the Irish District Energy Association Donna Gartland says this study is the first step towards implementing district networks: Ms. Gartland said: “Basically it looks at the heat demand across Ireland and what it has shown is that with the right policy and regulation in Ireland we could supply over 57% of our heat demand with low-carbon district energy. “That basically means looking at supplying buildings with hot water and heat through underground pipelines, using low-carbon sources all around the country. ”

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