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Strong growth in Danish exports of energy technology

by dbdh

Danish exports of energy overall increased almost 11 percent  to 67.6 billion DKK in 2013, while exports of green energy soared by 17.6 percent. The figures are launched today by DI Energi and the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building.

DI Energi and the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building today launch a survey of the Danish energy technology exports in 2013. The figures show that the total energy exports have been rising over the last three years, so it is now only 3 percent below the record year of 2008.

It is especially the green energy that drives the growth of the total energy exports. In 2013, exports of green energy grew by 17.6 per cent and became the highest ever. By comparison, the growth in the total goods exports was 2 percent.

“These are impressive numbers. In future there will be an increasing need for solutions for the production of renewable energy and to make better use of the energy we produce. Here Danish companies are able to do something special. The figures show how the political decision to divert our energy helps create new opportunities for Danish companies. Thus, the the importance of a stable energy policy in Denmark must be underlined,” says Climate, Energy and Building Minister Rasmus Helveg Petersen.

 Source: The Danish Energy Agency