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Strategic collaboration between Guldager Inc. and Hydro-X

by Linda Bertelsen

Guldager Inc. has initiated a strategic collaboration with Hydro-X, a company based in North Jutland, which for many years has supplied chemical products for water treatment in the industrial sector and for the cogeneration sector. The purpose of the collaboration is to utilize the joint synergies between the two companies, with a strong focus on joint business opportunities at European level through the utilization of know-how, products and services.

Hydro-X has a large partner network with extensive experience in water and cooling treatment and with several ISO-certifications, which ensure uniform products and service of high quality. Guldager has a long history in water treatment and a broad-based service business. Guldager works for sustainable water treatment and is a member of the UN Global Compact and the UN World Goals.

A milestone in the long history of Guldager

The strategic collaboration with Hydro-X is another milestone in the history of Guldager, which this year celebrates its 75th anniversary since its founding in 1946 by the Guldager brothers Harald and Poul Guldager. The company was family-run until 2016 when a generational change was made by Capidea taking over the majority in Guldager. Capidea is a Danish private equity fund making investments in competitive small and medium-sized Danish companies with potential for growth. In addition to the majority shareholder Capidea, Guldager is today owned by Hydro-X International and the management of the company.

All skills and experience ‘under the same roof’

Claus Torbøl, CEO at Guldager, is enthusiastic about the collaboration and looks forward to even better service opportunities: “We are very pleased with the Hydro-X partnership, which will strengthen our Additive Care business, but also create a unique position for us as Full-Service Provider. In practice, this means that our customers only need one supplier within water treatment. We are a leading Danish company in water treatment, which for 75 years has built up a European organization with skilled and motivated employees. The water treatment area is growing rapidly, and Guldager has strong competencies and a good position in the market in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. The goal in the coming years will be to use the extensive experience of the employees in Guldager and Hydro-X to expand the companies in water treatment through continued development, acquisitions of companies and technologies.”

The concept of ‘Full-Service Provider’

Ernst Kristensen, Group Executive at Hydro-X sees many opportunities in this partnership: “This collaboration will strengthen the positions of both Hydro-X and Guldager within water treatment, and especially through the service concept Full-Service Provider, so that our customers only need one supplier for water treatment. At the same time, we will offer our partners Worldwide access to Guldager’s know-how, product program and services to strengthen their competitive position in local markets.”

For further information contact Ernst Ulrik Kristensen alvar@hydro-x.com or Claus Torbøl cct@guldager.com

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