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Steen Schelle Jensen, Head of Business Development

by Linda Bertelsen
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I have a strong passion for district energy as a key technology for decarbonizing the heating and cooling of buildings. I’m driven by unlocking the enormous potential of using data-driven solutions and services to amplify the heat transition and connect the entire value chain from production to buildings and end-users … and vice versa. 

As Head of Business Development at Kamstrup, I focus on developing data-driven solutions and services that enable utilities to optimise their business and day-to-day operations by unfolding the full value of digitalisation. I’m engaged internationally and focus on both deep collaborations with DH operators, industry players, researchers, and industry organisations, as well as being engaged in public affair activities. I am inspired by leading the industry towards a digitalised heat supply where decisions are based on facts rather than theory – because you cannot optimise what you do not measure!

These are exciting times in the district energy industry!

Feel free to reach out if you share my excitement and are interested in knowing more or sharing your views.



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