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by Linda Bertelsen
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APVHeat Transfer offers a unique and extensive range of cost-effective and flexible heat exchanger solutions for district heating applications.

These include everything from large units and systems for power stations and district heating systems down to the Compakva 1-family district heating units. All Compakva units are based on the patented Compakva multi-function block. There is a Compakva unit for all different applications, both within the production of hot tap water and heating. The Compakva units are the most compact units available on the market.

We offer a longstanding project experience, systems know-how, dimensioning capabilities, and service concepts as your guarantee of a reliable partner.

APV help customers to be recognized for their environmental awareness by reducing their ecological footprint while assisting them to receive a predictable return on investment.
Common to all APV products are uncompromising design and engineering, full compliance with all relevant international standards, long service life, production efficiency, and cost-effective performance when performance really counts.


  • District heating
  • Heat exchangers

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