South Korean R&D project focuses on the first solar district heating system with seasonal heat storage

Date: 16/12/2014

The plant with 2000 m2 of solar collectors and a large heat storage of 5000 m3 will be part of an innovative energy supply system to an eco-friendly energy district in the South Korean Jincheon-gun province. The project is led and promoted by researchers of the Korea Institute of Energy Research KIER.

The new district in Jincheon-gun consists of non-residential buildings with a total floor area of 18 500 m2, including i.e. high school, kindergarten, library, cultural center and other service buildings for the surrounding communities. The innovative and holistic energy supply concept will need to match the complex demand scheme of heating, cooling and electricity loads and the large heat storage serves as central element for integrating various innovative technologies with sufficient flexibility. A large heat pump will make use of the waste heat of a closely located sewage treatment plant. Electricity will be generated by a fuel cell and a PV generator. In order to make use of existing experiences and the results of the new project, KIER and the Steinbeis Research Institute Solites now signed a bilateral cooperation contract for the duration of the R&D project.