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 – Together towards a greener future

At SONFOR, we ensure a place where people and businesses can live and thrive. We know that our actions today shape the world of tomorrow. That is why we are dedicated to ensuring a daily life with water, wastewater, heating, energy, and waste management in a way that respects our planet and its resources.

A greener everyday life

It is our responsibility that the toilet can be flushed and that we are able to drive on roads free from flooding – and continue to do so even when the weather becomes more extreme. We provide CO2-neutral heating in the radiator and clean drinking water from the tap today – and in 25 years by protecting the groundwater. We ensure that waste becomes raw materials for new products or reused as they are so that we together take care of the Earth’s resources for future generations.

A visionary key player

At SONFOR, we go to work so that we can pass on a planet that we have treated with love to the next generation. Therefore, nature, environment, and climate are our top priorities as we make the green transition in the Sønderborg area a reality. We do this, among other things, by thinking about optimizing the energy system and connecting our infrastructures so that one’s waste becomes another’s resource and by building modern waterworks and advanced treatment plants that leave a positive impact on the sea around us. We set the bar high, and our ambition is to inspire others towards a future where less becomes more.

Together in making a difference

Our employees stand together every day with the people and businesses in the Sønderborg area to make a difference. At SONFOR, we live in symbiosis with our customers and strategic partners. We can only achieve our goals through a joint effort. SONFOR makes it possible to recycle more, but it is the citizens who sort their waste in their daily lives. SONFOR can plant forests to protect groundwater, but we will only succeed if we all also stop using harmful substances in our gardens. Together, we make our way towards a greener future.


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Contact info

Ellegårdvej 8, 6400 Sønderborg, Denmark
Ingolf Nielsen
Heat Manager
inni@sonfor.dk Tel +45 6040 5376
Bodil Hestbæk
Communication Consultant and Press Officer
bohe@sonfor.dk Tel +45 6040 5307