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Sommerluk campaign

by dbdh

HOFOR (formerly known as Københavns Energi) was one of the inititators in 2012 with the campaign Sommer Closure which should put focus on the big potential of saving energy and CO2 by closing down the district heating system correctly during the summer. This year they are running the campaign once again.

It is estimated that more than half of the Danish households heated by district heating systems do not close down their district heating system for summer, or do it wrongly. If done correctly, both the heating bill and the CO2 emission can be avoided.

The goal for the campaign is to make a national campaign amongst energy delivering companies/utilities and stakeholders, and to put focus on the big energy savings and the optimized use of the heating. The saving can be reached by easily closing the district heating system correctly during the summer.

Also the campaign has as a goal to work together with plumbing services, to assist them raise awareness of their customers, so efforts to save energy by the energy delivering companies/utilities can be taken into account. Additionally the campaign has a third goal to make a network where knowledge and experience can be shared.

The method for the campaign is an open source campaign. To make it easier to get the message of the campaign broadly spread, there has been produced material about the campaign that is free for anyone to use. There is also a website with information and a video, which tells how a typical Summer Closure is done (www.sommerluk.dk).