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Solar heating on the agenda

by dbdh

On a sunny day, solar heating is on the agenda for the Polish DH sector on tour in Denmark.

In Dronninglund, a Polish district heating delegation, together with DBDH, visited the 4th largest solar district heating in the world with a pit storage of 62,000 m3. The plant secures 50% of the heat year round for Dronninglund city, and the consumers experienced lower heat prices three years in a row since installation of the plant in 2014.

The last visit before returning to Poland was the brand new biomass plant with solar heat at Aabybro. Thank you to Veolia Energia Warsaw, Veolia Energia Poznan, PGE Energia Ciepla, PGNIK Termika, PEC Gliwice, PEC Olsztyn, ECO Tarnobrzeg, LPEC Lublin, PEC Siedlce and Polish Chamber of District Heating for joining this tour, and to Danish utilities who kindly hosted and opened the doors for sharing new innovation and technologies!