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Solar district heating: experiences from Denmark

by dbdh

This presentation, given by Jan Erik Nielsen of PlanEnergy at an Energy Platform Workshop in Zurich, gives an overview of the solar district heating market in Denmark and its evolution until 2050. The objective of Denmark is to phase out fossil fuels by 2050 and to only rely on renewable energy for heating and electricity by 2035.

Denmark has a long tradition for district heating which makes it attractive. Today 60% of all heating demand is supplied by district heating . It is also very competitive in terms of installations performance and heat production price.

The presentation also enumerates the benefits of combining technologies and using heat storage. It provides an overview of the different technologies used in Denmark, such as flat plate collectors, evacuated tubes or concentrating collectors. It also gives examples of 2 district heating plants and their capacity.

The document can be downloaded here

Source: Solar Thermal World