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Smart grid to revolutionize the district heating grid

by dbdh

The electricity grid has benefited from smart grid – new project to gather knowledge about the district heating network
In a new project, where a.o. AffaldVarme Aarhus, Danfoss Redan, and the Danish Technological Institute cooperates, two test areas in Aarhus will “remote read”, according to a statement by the Danish Technological Institute.

Develop models
The readings will form a large amount of data and thus provide an opportunity to analyze the various operating parameters of the customers.

“A major challenge will be to develop methods that incorporate the large data material in the analysis and modeling tools. We must prepare models for the dynamics of the distribution network under various operating conditions and using these we must analyze where energy savings can be achieved by adjusting the various parameters in the operation”, says Project Manager Anders Niemann from the Technological Institute.

Reduce consumption
A dynamic regulation and general lowering of the flow temperature are essential methods if you want to reduce heat loss in the district heating network and reduce energy consumption.

Source: Energy Supply