by Linda Bertelsen
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Member Company Profile: PERNEXUS SYSTEMS

Many companies, people, figures, and facts are involved in supply chain projects – making it difficult to keep an overview of the entire process. The demand in supply chain management for digitalization and data-driven decisions led to building “Entrepriseportalen” a work portal collecting all supply chain data.

We are a company with almost 20 years of experience working with utilities. We have an enormous knowledge about the processes and challenges facing construction projects involving cables or pipes in the ground or indeed any type of infrastructure development.

We continuously work on improving our main product The Worksportal. The Portal’s goal is a single and highly user-friendly system for the supply chain industry – in cooperation with companies in the supply chain industry.

TheWorksportal is a Software as a service (SaaS) platformwhere many of the different parties that make up a construction project come together and work through the same shared procedures and data. The Portal ensures that all participants have the exact drawings, work specifications, budgets, contract information, etc. Furthermore, the Parties can invoice each other through the Portal and fulfill the public standards for electronic commerce and case management.

The Worksportal can be used by the Contractor delivering excavation work to Utilities and may itself use sub-contractors for parts of the work. Another example could be an Engineering consulting service firm that manages projects on behalf of clients.

In short: the work portal is an internet-based tool that canintegrate with almost all devices – smartphones, laptops, and tablets and, most importantly, can, with a single touch, create transparency in the supply chain industry workflow. You only need Internet access and an account to get started.

District city heating roll-out in Haderslev

With a recently signed contract with Haderslev District Heating – on digitalizing and creating the ground for efficient district heating roll-out – we expect to provide the customer with a more data-driven green path. The project began in the spring of 2021 and supports Haderslev in delivering district heating to many houses in the following years.

A total Workportal solution provides Haderslev District Heating with a wide range of opportunities for transparent and efficient “district heating roll-out” and laying the ground for data-driven supply change management.

Supply Change Management

Our customers use the system daily to manage their suppliers and contractors. The system allows the managers and project leaders to work in different digital areas, allowing for transparency of the individual projects for all participants – including all data suppliers and contractors have uploaded — all in all, a precious system that ensures that nothing slips through the cracks. Dashboards are used as a strategic dialogue tool in many critical functions.

The system gives managers insights into the budget of a project and how much and what kind of material suppliers are using, creating value in the decision-making process. It also allowsmanagement to go back and see what was previously being agreed upon. In that sense, it can reduce potential claims not beneficial to any of the parties in any industry.

Asset Management

The solution, Asset Management in the cloud using RFID: An RFID license plate is mounted on all components, either during
production or at a central warehouse. When ordering online, the customer will receive an order number and a unique
item number on the ordered components. The customer receives an electronic delivery note, in which each component with its own unique RFID number plate and the technical specifications is coupled to the order.

When the components arrive at the construction site, the handheld RFID reader will quickly scan all the RFID number plates. The delivery notes are automatically updated via the construction manager’s smartphone. The construction manager does not have to press any key on his smartphone.

Security in the future

Imagine a failure that occurs on a pipeline a couple of years after a project has been completed. In that situation, you can quickly pinpoint the problem and reduce the cost and time spent. The Workportal delivers a valid track of data for all supply change activities. The smart data storage makes it easy to search and select.

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Smart Data in supply chain management - member company profile - Pernexus