Scottish venture into water-sourced District Heating at scale

Date: 20/05/2021

How do we as a small nation contribute to the climate change emergency? What can a local authority public body do to reduce our Carbon footprint and provide green energy at affordable prices?
West Dunbartonshire Council is a small Local Authority supporting 90,000 citizens west of Glasgow, the host city for COP26 in November 2021, and located next to the famous Loch Lomond Trossachs national park with its wonderful natural environment.

A new District Heating Energy Centre
Most of the Local Authority has the banks of the River Clyde along its length. And our new District Heating Energy centre takes pride of place at the heart of what was the John Brown Shipyards where the three magnificent ocean-going liners of the Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, and Queen Elizabeth 2 were constructed and launched. Those traditional industries have long gone in our main town of Clydebank; however, we continue to strive and regenerate our communities in particular large vacant and derelict sites such as this site we now call Queens Quay.

The Council, in partnership with the landowners, embarked on a venture to transform the former shipyard site many years ago. We have seen some successes with a new College complex, two office blocks, and a new Leisure centre developed. We also have the oldest giant cantilever crane in the world in the Titan Crane, which operates as visitor experience facility.

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