”Scottish – Danish District Heating Camp” – a unique networking opportunity

Date: 11/08/2014

On behalf of Danish Energy Partnership, DBDH hereby have the pleasure inviting you to following event:

District heating in Scotland develops very fast and the Scottish government has set some very ambitious goals for the development of district heating. A group of Danish companies and district heating practitioners have visited Scotland twice this year: Early May DEP and DBDH organized a seminar in Scotland together with Scottish Development International aimed at national and local authorities. Early July DEP together with Scottish Federation of Housing Associations and the Scottish Energy Savings trust organized a whole day seminar followed by meetings aimed at Scottish local authorities and housing associations. Both very successful events that demonstrated the Danish strongholds and provide new input to the Scottish participants.

29 and 30 of September DEP together with the Heat Network Partnership will host the “Scottish – Danish District Heating Camp” in Copenhagen. Please see attached program for details.

The delegation (up to 25 persons) will be headed by Rebecca Carr from Scottish Government and will include representatives from:

  • The Heat Network Partnership (Scottish Government, Energy Savings Trust, Scottish Futures Trust, Resource Efficient Scotland and Scottish Enterprise)
  • 12 – 15 local authorities, housing associations and universities

The programs main theme is a introduction to the Danish experience in district heating and a structured presentation and discussions of specific challenges faced by Scottish district heating practitioners:

  • Day 1 – 29 September: Presentations on Danish DH developments and site visits in Denmark (for Scottish participants only)
  • Day 2 – 30 September: Presentation and discussion of specific challenges found in Scotland every day. 6 challenges will be presented and discussed by both the Scottish delegation and the Danish DH sector (e.g. companies, authorities, practitioners) – please take a look at the attached program

A unique opportunity to create even stronger ties between the Scottish and the Danish district heating sector.

You are invited to participate in the program 30 September where the Scottish participants (6 in total) will introduce their most immediate district heating challenge. The challenge will then be discussed in groups by all present in the room. The solutions and ideas developed by the groups will be presented to the challenge-keeper at the end of each session.

This is a unique opportunity to network a whole day with the most important stakeholders in Scotland and to understand how your organization can best assist in developing district heating in Scotland! Participation is free of charge.

Download the whole program here:

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For more information pleace contact 

Camilla Sofie Holm

(+45) 3377 3811