Sakha Republic & Samara Oblast visits DBDH

Date: 27/05/2013

On 22 May, DBDH received a large Russian delegation within energy efficiency with participants from Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and Samara, including high level representatives from Government of Sakha Republic (see below).

DBDH gave a presentation of energy efficiency in district heating and our activities in Russia with the DBDH Russia Team since 2007. The delegation from Yakutia invited DBDH to include Sakha Republic in the DBDH district heating sector visit in the near future, as this sector is undergoing many new developments and want to cooperate with the Danish district heating sector.
Further, Ross Engineering presented the possibilities for geothermal projects, and Frederiksberg Utility presented their local utility company, before the delegation was taken on a tour to the control room and peak load plant.

List of participants:
Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
1.      Pavel Marinychev, Deputy Head of Government
2.      Alexei Kolodeznikov, Minister, Ministry for Energy of Sakha
3.      Sergei Derepovskiy, Minister, Ministry for Architecture and Buildings of Sakha
4.      Alexandr Kaminski, Deputy Minister, Ministry for Finance of Sakha
5.      Vasiliy Denisov, Head of Energy Efficiency Dep at the Regional Agency for Energy Saving
6.      Vladimir Syromyatnikov, Director, Energy saving Technologies
7.      Dmitriy Ivanov, Director, Ecoenergo
8.      Leonid Ignatiev, Deputy Director, Ecoenergo
9.      Nikolai Ignatiev, Director, Namkommunteploenergo
10.  Sergei Klimov, Director, Luxproekt
11.   Alexei Pakhomov, Director, Regional Agency of energy saving
12.  Lena Tolstyakova, Director, Teplostroiproekt
13.  Evdokia Sidorova, Senior Engineer, Teplostroiproekt

14.  Valerii Fomichev, President of Chamber of Commerce of Samara region
15.  Victor Tsarkov, Director, Non-commercial partnership Volga Energy Union
16.  Alexei Anoschenko, Non-commercial partnership Volga Energy Union
17.  Abram Avetyan, Director, Samenviro Ltd.
18.  Alexei Borisov, Head of Directors’ Board, TTC Industiralny Ltd.
19.  Evelina Kartashova, Assistant to the Head of Directors’ Board, TTC Industrialny Ltd.
20.  Mikhail Balsannikov, Director of the Samara State Architecture University
21.  Efim Vyshkin, Deputy Director of the Samara State Architecture University
22.  Sergei Evdokimov, Professor of the Samara State Architecture University