Russia’s largest energy company visits DBDH

Date: 16/12/2013

On December 10, a delegation from the Russian energy sector visited DBDH. The participants counted the director of Russia’s largest energy company KES -Holding, the Nordic region’s international energy company Fortum, officials from Russian ministries and representatives from the Russian district heating industry. DBDH has for the last seven years arranged exports drives to Danish companies that want to expand their market in Russia.

The Russian delegation also visited the Climate, Energy and Building Department and the DEA to be inspired by the Danish legislation .

The Russians are particularly interested in the Danish Heat Supply and how companies in Denmark find funding for projects . In Russia, they face major challenges in particular the funding section where it is no longer attractive for investors to fund existing or new systems. This is because of an inefficient heating system with large heat loss in the pipes and in the individual households, where the heat is allowed to leak out of the open windows.

“KES -Holding is working on a new model , so they can better find external funding for district heating products in Russia,” says Lars Hummelmose, DBDH .

Major export opportunities
The Russian heat legislation is under serious review, and that means that the market for export to Russia has really kicked off . A number of large Danish companies are well underway to deliver Danish expertise in the country that produces 68 times as much heating as Denmark .

The companies expect that exports will rise sharply in the coming year . Right now , Russia is the market where Danish companies in the district heating industry experience the greatest export, according to a report from the district heating industry.