Russian National Heating Association visiting DBDH

Date: 05/06/2013

On 3rd June, a delegation headed by Mr. Vasilij Polivanov, Russian National Heating Association visited DBDH to know more about the district heating system in Denmark. Egon Erlandsen, Frederiksberg Utility and Pia Zimmermann, DBDH met the delegation for a two-hour meeting with many discussions on topics like tariffs, types of ownership, heat losses, customer contact etc. The delegation was also informed about DBDH activities in Russia, and had the opportunity to visit the control room of CTR and Frederiksberg Utility, the peak load plant and the heat exchanger station.

On 4th June, DBDH facilitated a visit to HOFOR to see the Copenhagen cooling system to get accustomed with this technology with a huge potential future in Russia.

Delegation List
1. Vasilij Polivanov, Russian National Heating Assocation
2. Russian National Heating Ass. Elena Cheusova
3. Mitishi Teplosetj Yuri Kazanov
4. Kazan Teplosetj Shamil Hismatulin
5. Mosflowline Inna Barisova
6. «INTER RAO – ElectroGeneracia» Arkadij Kozjaikin
7. Sankt Petersburg Teplosetj Andrej Bakharev
8. SystemEnergo Konstatin Gerber
9. Sibir Generating Company Michail Nikoljskij
10. Non commercial oraganization EnergoEffektivnostj Igor Fedder
11. GrazpromEnergoHolding Svetlana Saburova
12. Fortum Parviz Abdushukurov
13. PVC Ingeneering Rinaz Sevryukov
14. MinEnergo Russia Leonid Kobyliskij