Russian Journalists visiting Denmark

Date: 28/02/2013

This week a group of Russian journalists are visiting Denmark to experience solutions in the field of energy, climate, adaptation and environment.

The visit is organized by State of Green in cooperation with Danfoss, Rudanenergo and DBDH. The tour programme includes visits to many of DBDH member companies as well as Avedøre Power Station, City of Copenhagen,, Project Zero. The journalists representing Federal papers like e.g.  Kommersant , Vedomosti, RBK Magazine etc. visited DBDH on 27 February, where  Jan Elleriis, CTR, Egon Erlandsen, Frederiksberg Utilities and Pia Zimmermann, DBDH, received the delegation. The visit included a tour of  the heat exchanger station, the peak load plant and the control room in order to give a first impressions before answering the many questions about the Danish systems. The journalists received of course the Russian magazine HOT|COOL and were interested in the many activities by DBDH and the member companies in Russia.














Programme of the tour
Participants list