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Russian energy delegation visits DBDH

by dbdh

On 8th February DBDH received a Russian delegation with interest in Danish heat and energy supply. At the meeting the delegation learned more about DBDH, our member companies and activities with focus on Russia.

Jan Elleriis, CTR, and Egon Erlandsen, Frederiksberg Forsyning shared their knowledge about energy efficiency in Denmark in the district heating sector, how the system is organized, price structure, tariffs etc. The delegation also visited the peak

load plant, the control room of CTR, and the heat exchanger station.

The company ATLAS in Stavropol Krai presented a project comprising the building of a new city by the Caspian Sea. The project is initiated by the Russian Federal Government, and is expected to be finalized by 2025. A new airport has already been build, and the city is foreseen to inhabit 300,000 people. In this respect they were interested to know more about Danish solutions for heating and cooling of a city.

A complete presentation of the project can be forwarded by request to DBDH.

Represented companies in the delegation:

Moskapstroi, Moscow
Vlad-Stroi, Valdivostok
Turbotechservice, Arkhangelsk
Energosbit, Burjatija
JKH Sakha, Jakutija
Atlas, Stavropol Krai