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Russia plans combined heat and power upgrades

by dbdh

The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation has published ‘fundamental principles’ for its modernization program of combined heat and power stations.

The plan to upgrade the facilities is scheduled for 2022-2035 period, with modernization of up to 76 GW per year scheduled until 2035.

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The commissioning based on the annual auction will amount to 4GW.

Elaborating on the process, the Russian Ministry of Energy stated that cost analysis of the wholesale market showed opportunity for additional funding of modernization projects after 2021.

The analysis also factors out the commissioning of new Atomic Power Stations after 2025 and possible CDA* program extension for renewable power sources after 2023.

Cogeneration units and condensing power plants, which have exhausted their life span by at least 125% and have demand index of no less than 60% in the last 2 years, will take part in the programme, according to the statement by Interfax.

Source: Decentralised Energy