Romanian municipality invests $5 million in district heating project

Date: 10/12/2014

The Romanian municipality of Oradea has won a European project worth about 11.5 million Euro for the exploitation of geothermal energy.

Local news from Romania inform that In early November, Oradea municipality announced that it had signed a geothermal energy recovery project in order to produce heat, a project worth over four million Euro.

The project is secured from funds of the Government of Norway with 85 per cent of the total amount through the financing mechanism of the 2009 – 2014 European Economic Area, and the remaining 15 per cent coming from the Environment Fund Administration. “The systems that we have designed are mixed systems, and when the geothermal reservoir water cannot provide the entire winter heating, the district heating comes to support it,” said Elijah Bolojan, Mayor of Oradea, quoted by Ziarul Financiar. “Showcasing the geothermal reservoir is conditioned by the arranging of the re-injection wells.”

Moreover, in this project, until the spring of 2016, there will be three investments: the geothermal water shaft in Oradea University will be connected with the thermal point in the Sports High School, the 902 thermal point will fully modernized and the old heat exchangers will be replaced. The deadline for entries is April 30, 2016. Oradea Municipality has won a European project which worth about 11.5 million Euro (50.8 million LEI), excluding VAT, for the exploitation of geothermal energy.