Rising energy prices hit hard.

Date: 11/01/2022

Read today's headlines:

  • Million-dollar investment has paid for itself in three months.
  • Another large heating plant in Vejle keeps the heat price calm.
  • District heating chairman: The price may have reached the top. The cost of district heating is kept quiet.
  • Ribe District Heating is ready for expansion.
  • Northwest Fyn district heating customers will keep the price calm.
  • Herborg in a wild final sprint: 57 households report interest in district heating.


In Hobro, half of the city fires with cheap district heating on wood chips and surplus heat, while the rest hangs on huge extra bills for natural gas and oil. The exploding energy prices divide the population into lucky and unlucky; it appears from Kristeligt Dagblad (Danish daily newspaper).

The price of district heating depends on the underlying fuel used, and since the cost of local biomass has not exploded, as it has for the natural gas that Denmark buys from Russia, the heating bill in 2022 will be the same as in 2021, writes JydskeVestkysten (Danish daily newspaper)

In the autumn, Tønder Fjernvarme started using a new electric boiler for DKK 7.3 million. It has turned out to be quite a sensible business because already at the turn of the year, the investment had paid for itself, writes JydskeVestkysten.

In addition to electricity and natural gas, Tønder Fjernvarme also uses biomass like wood chips as fuel. We expect district heating to be produced from 20 percent gas, 25 percent biomass, and 45-50 percent electricity this year.

Another large heating plant in Vejle keeps the heat price calm. Mølholm Varmeværk, which receives its district heating from the municipally-owned transmission company Tvis, will keep the price of district heating calm in 2022 after a year in which many new customers have joined. Therefore, they will maintain the price in 2022, writes Fyens Stiftstidende (Danish daily newspaper)

The price of district heating is kept quiet.

The two district heating companies, Bogense Forsyningsselskab and Fjernvarme Fyn, supply heat to Otterup, Bogense, Harritslev, Søndersø, and Morud, have overall not changed in the consumer prices for 2022. District heating Fyn has chosen to lower the price, while Bogense Forsyningsselskab has only raised the price 10 percent - to create economic scope to produce heat on wind and solar energy.

Our production price is the same as last year. Still, the price increase is because we need to prepare to phase out biomass and instead use some renewable energy such as solar or wind, points out Peter Lind, supply manager at Bogense Forsyningsselskab. According to Peter Lind, the price at the utility company in Bogense remains low because the cost of biomass has not increased in the last four to five years. At Fjernvarme Fyn, they choose to maintain the price level in 2022 at the same level as in 2021.

We continue unchanged. We have a production apparatus with great flexibility, so regardless of whether the electricity prices are high or low, we produce at the plants with the cheapest productions, says Jan Strømvig, Fjernvarme Fyn.