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Ringsted District Heating Company – aiming at 95% fossil free

by Elaine

Ringsted District Heating Company had for long been at around 75% fossil free supply, but then they aimed at 95% and actually reached that target last year – as planned. At the same time they also managed to keep prices stable or declining a bit. The solution is 2 large heat pumps supplemented by 3 small ones.

The 3 smaller ones utilise heat from several sources that could often just be wasted. In Ringsted they get the last heat from the flue gas scrubber, surplus heat from the room where the large heat pumps is and finally from two large frequency converts. In short – in Ringsted they do not let any heat go to waste!!!

This project adds 6% to their heat supply and makes that green.

Fun facts: COP around 4.6, payback time less than 7 years.

Wish to learn more about the Danfoss and Geoclimate solution used in Ringsted, see our recent webinar here


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