Research paper on district heating

Date: 09/01/2013

Heat Load Modelling for District Heating Plants Using an OpenCL-based Algorithm
By Erik Kral, Petr Capek, Lubomir Vasek
This research paper explores an OpenCL-based algorithm to aid heat load modelling for district heating plants. Previous studies have proven that heat loads mostly depend on the external temperatures (temperature dependency component) and the time of the day (time dependency component). In this research we have used the sum of two truncated exponential functions to model the time dependency component and a generalised logistic function to model the temperature dependency component. The parameters of these functions are estimated using the traditional particle swarm optimisation (TPSO). The estimation of the parameters can be time consuming so to accelerate the process we have developed an OpenCL-based version of the algorithm. The critical part of the implementation of the algorithm in OpenCL is the use of different types of memories, especially the local memory and also the coalesced or broadcast read Access to Global Memory.

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