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Research News: The Celsius Brochure overviews recent DHC-focussed projects.

by Linda Bertelsen

September 2022 | A Euroheat & Power team has collected and analyzed innovative DHC-focussed projects in the framework of the Celsius Initiative. The publication gives cities and relevant stakeholders an overview of the latest research outcomes in the District Heating and Cooling sector. It will also inspire others to implement similar solutions.

Get inspired and learn from recent European district heating and cooling (DHC) projects. Around 70 innovation projects with replication potential for other cities are presented in the updated publication.

More and more cities worldwide are adopting modern district energy solutions, knowing that it is the best way to provide sustainable heating and cooling to dense urban areas. Refurbishing, constructing, and expanding the district energy network and combining district heating and cooling with integrating a large share of renewable power are necessary for future intelligent energy systems.

To drive the energy transition, the European Commission has been funding projects in the district heating and cooling sector – projects innovative and advancing the state of the art of district energy networks.
These projects have already been published in the “Overview of support activities and projects of the European Commission on energy efficiency and renewable energy in the heating and cooling sector” by the European Commission. It gathers all EU-funded projects in the heating and cooling sector. One chapter focuses on DHC.

This brochure is based on the 2016 document and provides an overview of the EU-funded projects in district heating and cooling. It focuses on the Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation (2016-2020), including projects funded under the LIFE program, and adds the latest Green Deal projects.

Download the Celsius Brochure here

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