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Report: More people should have district heating

by dbdh

The district heating network should be expanded to cover more than 60 percent of the country

Today, district heating covers 50 percent of the total heating in Denmark, but that number should be increased significantly to 62 percent up to 2035. That is what is most sensible both technically and economically.

This is the recommendation of a new central heating report, which has been prepared by Cowi and EA Energianalyse for the Danish Energy Agency .

The report is interesting because it comes ahead of political negotiations on how Denmark’s energy infrastructure should look like the next several years.

One of the major benefits of district heating is the ability to store energy, making the district heating expansion a really good addition to the green development where unstable energy sources such as wind and solar are increasingly expanding.

The Danish district heating system can store energy for days and weeks. Some district heating plants even work with storage from summer to winter. District heating is produced in several different ways, and not all are green. According to the Danish District Heating Association 52 percent of district heating is “green” anno 2014.

Cowi and EA Energianalyse indicate in the report that the expansion should take place in areas that are an extension of existing district heating networks.

Source: Energiwatch.dk