Renewable heat required for Scottish clean energy targets

Date: 21/04/2015

Scotland must embrace renewable heat if it is to hit challenging 2020 targets as progress in the sector so far has been slow, with just 3% of heat coming from renewable sources against a target of 11% which must be achieved in just over 2,000 days.

Scottish Renewable’s PolicStephanie Clarky Manager, Stephanie Clark, said: ‘More than half of the energy consumed in Scotland is in the form of heat. We have a chance of reaching what is a very ambitious 2020 target, but we have to act now. If we can do it, consumers and businesses will be insulated from the price fluctuations and uncertainty of supply associated with gas.’

‘Most of our homes, businesses and public buildings are warmed by conventional gas boilers, and we must kick that addiction. District heating, for example, is a great way for hundreds of homes to share one heat source, but we have yet to see a consensus on its importance in Scotland,’ concluded Clark.

Source: COSPP