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Record-Breaking Deal: Dall Energy to Power 40,000 French Homes

by Linda Bertelsen


French energy company, Coriance / Caen la Mer Energie Verte has made a record-breaking deal with Danish biomass energy company – Dall Energy. The deal – the biggest ever for Dall Energy – will expand the existing Caen Nord Heating Network and Hérouville-Saint-Clair Heating Network in Caen la Mer and help power nearly 40,000 homes with 100% renewable and recovered energy by 2031.


A French Appetite for Danish Green Technology

French cuisine and wine may be craved by the rest of the World, but in France, there is a craving for Danish innovative energy solutions, especially when it comes to ensuring the green energy transition.
Major French energy provider Coriance has made yet another deal with the Danish company Dall Energy. This time, the deal involves four biomass boilers that will ultimately power 40,000 French homes by 2031.

Jens-Dall-Bentzen_portrait Stephanie-pacaud“We are proud to work with Coriance yet again and to be part of this enormous enterprise to fundamentally change the heating network in Caen la Mer. Our unique biomass gasification technology makes it possible to use locally sourced biomass – thereby contributing to achieving the goal of 100% renewable and recovered energy”, says CEO Jens Bentzen from Dall Energy.

“We are happy to include Dall Energy in this green energy transition project of the central heating network for Hérouville-Saint-Clair and Caen Nord. This is an enterprise valued at EUR 250 million, so we need partners to rely on to deliver solutions that work. We have a great collaboration and partnership with Dall Energy in our project in Salon de Provence and on this Caen project, and we are sure that Dall Energy is up to the challenge and will help us secure local energy independence as well as stable and attractive prices”, adds Stephanie Pacaud, Procurement Director for Coriance.

The Biggest Project Ever for Dall Energy

The deal with Coriance / Caen la Mer Energie Verte is Dall Energy’s biggest deal yet—twice as big as the previous record deal. Furthermore, it is the largest central heating project in recent French history.

More notably, perhaps, this is the fifth French central heating project awarded to Dall Energy in just the last couple of years – and the second with Coriance. But even so, this project is different. It involves not one – but four identical 4 x 12,5 MW heating plants, according to Jens Bentzen, who adds:
“We are proud to work with the major energy companies in France. This is a major seal of approval for our technology and proof that we have one of the leading solutions for using biomass waste. We look forward to continuing the great work we are doing in France and hope to bring this momentum into new markets around Europe, as well”.

For more information and interviews

For additional information, comments, and interviews with Dall Energy, please contact Ann Bouisset, Director of International Market Development & Marketing, at apb@dallenergy.com or +4581408956.

Facts and figures

• The total development enterprise is valued at approx. EUR 250 million.
• The projects will power almost 40,000 French homes by 2031.
• The projects will expand the central heating network by up to 100 km.
• The goal is 100% renewable and recovered energy in the heating network supply by 2029.
• The enterprise will ultimately reduce CO2 emitted by 87,000 tonnes per year.
• Dall Energy has also signed a 5-year maintenance contract for an undisclosed amount.
• Dall Energy’s solution consists of four (4) biomass boilers of 12,5 MW each.
• The project is the 2nd with Coriance for Dall Energy and presumably just the next in many projects.
• This is the fifth French project for Dall Energy in recent years, after Rouen (2021), Clairefontaine (2023), Amiens (2023), and Salon de Provence (2023).

About Dall Energy

Dall Energy provides cutting-edge biomass energy technologies to the global market with its patented biomass gasification technology.

Gasification technology offers advantages such as low maintenance costs, the applicability of a wide variety of types of biomasses, low emissions without filters, and load flexibility similar to gas-fired plants.

With Dall Energy’s unique solutions, companies can reduce their environmental impact by improving air emissions and using locally sourced biomass, which is low-cost, sustainable, and CO2-neutral.

Dall Energy was founded in 2007 by Jens Dall Bentzen. In 2023, Eiffel IG, a major French asset manager, invested in Dall Energy to help the company grow domestically and internationally.

The company is headquartered in Hørsholm, north of Copenhagen, with 35 local employees.