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Record accounting in 2022 from EMD International A/S

by Linda Bertelsen

PRESS RELEASE | Both top and bottom lines have increased – now, five years in a row, and another record is expected in 2023.

Aalborg: The North Jutland technology company EMD International A/S has just delivered the best result in the company’s history. Both top and bottom lines have increased at the same time that more people have been employed and the company has moved into much larger, newly furnished premises. The excellent trend seems to continue, with the first quarter of 2023 showing a significant increase and a new quarterly record.

We are experiencing a great deal of positive interest in our software and our know-how. We have many loyal customers. In addition, new companies and industries are added. This April, one of the world’s largest companies bought software from us. Lately, customers have been added within the space and the pharmaceutical industries. These are industries from which we have not previously had customers. This is just the beginning for us. Many companies prioritize using green energy and green fuels in their industrial processes. Within those areas, we stand pretty well with our background, says Deputy Director of EMD Christian Ingerslev Sørensen.

A unanimous board of the EMDFonden, which owns the company, decided in 2022 that massive investment must be made to develop smaller companies within renewable energy, climate, and environment. This has so far resulted in investments in three companies, and there are more on the way, says Frank Rosager, chairman of the EMDFonden and day-to-day director of the industry association Biogas Danmark. We look at both passive investments; more active – where we enter with board members and assets in companies that can be added to the areas that EMD works within.

The EMDFonden invests the remaining funds long-term in low-risk areas. But since both bonds and shares globally experienced an unconventional dip in 2022, the EMDFonden has delivered a weaker result than usual. Fortunately, the dividend from EMD outweighs the loss on the remaining investment portfolio, says Frank Rosager.

Location of energy plants and production of green fuels

Whether it is wind farms, complex energy systems, or the production of green fuels, EMD’s software and data have become an almost global de facto standard when analyzing and calculating the optimal geographical location of, e.g., wind turbines, solar cells, or sector-connected energy plants.

EMD was established in 1986 and is located on Niels Jernes Vej in Aalborg East. The company has customers in over 100 countries, and the demand for its services is increasing enormously, it says.

– The wind industry continues to grow, and we also see a significantly increased need for our calculation and analysis tools in other sectors, such as, e.g., district heating, solar cells, and green fuels. We want to invest the profit from this under the auspices of the EMDFonden, says Frank Rosager.