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Rebuild Ukraine 2023 – 30 Danish companies in Warsaw

by Linda Bertelsen

Danish companies wish to help rebuild Ukraine and to get an understanding of how that is possible. More than 30 companies are participating in the exhibition in Warsaw.

The Danish Pavilion was arranged in cooperation between DBDH, the Danish Embassy in Kyiv and the Confederation of Danish Industry and was the third-largest national stand. The interest to participate in this event has been overwhelming, and the timing is exactly right, as Ukraine desperately needs rebuilding and needs it now. The Danish Pavilion was opened by Danish minister of Foreign Affairs Lars Løkke Rasmussen and Mayor of Mykolaiv Oleksandr Senkevych, followed by a tour of the exhibiting companies, where they had the opportunity to talk with some of the Danish companies. Almost 50 Ukrainian municipalities were present, and Danish companies had the opportunity to visit them in their community area and also during “Municipal Marathons,” where the municipalities presented their rebuilding plans. We are very glad to have been part of this important event.

New fund to bring Danish companies back to Ukraine

In a future Ukraine fund, the Danish government and Danish companies will cooperate on rebuilding Ukraine, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

“The government is preparing a Ukraine fund, which I think we can launch within a few weeks,” said Lars Løkke. “It’s three-pointed support. Continued military and civilian support; a third is about getting Danish companies involved in Ukraine.’

Denmark had the third-largest stand at the conference. Only Italy and Germany had more companies involved. Among the Danish companies were Grundfos, Cowi, Eurowater, Linka Energy, Logstor/Kingspan, Danfoss, Ross Energy, and Verdo Energy Systems.

“I think we have helped 200 companies out of Ukraine in the last two years. Now the ambition is to help them back again. Because we have so many skills that Ukraine needs,” said Lars Løkke.

The so-called Ukraine fund, which the government is working on, must, among other things, contribute to “budget security.”