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Ramboll´s energy competence growing

by dbdh

International Danish engineering company Ramboll has been very engaged in the energy sector in the last decade, and today it is the group´s strongest growth area, according to the national newspaper Berlingske.

In recent years, the largest growth in Ramboll occurred in the energy and oil/gas sector, with growth rates of 30 percent per year.
Ramboll employs 1,500 employees in that field, of which approximately 1,000 of them are in Denmark and 500 in the Middle East and Norway.

“Energy companies across the EU are converting to renewable energy. In Denmark, supply security has been on the agenda since the 70s, and it has given us a range of experience and expertise that we can use today when we go after jobs in the EU and globally,” explains Søren Holm Johansen.

The Danish experience does not only apply in wind energy. Also a typical Danish discipline such as district heating brings jobs to Ramboll these years. Especially in Eastern Europe, there are several large district heating jobs, and in the Middle East, Ramboll has had successful projects in district cooling.

Source: The Danish District Heating Association