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Ramboll’s Annual Report 2014 published

by dbdh

Inspiring global solutions: Ramboll delivered solid growth and made some highly strategic acquisitions in 2014 as we continued to deliver on our company strategy. Explore the results in our Annual Report and learn how we create sustainable solutions on a global scale for the benefit of people and nature.

Ramboll’s activity level was generally high in 2014. As a result, revenue grew by 8.0 percent measured in local currencies, with organic growth accounting for 3.0 percent. In the Annual Report below you can read more about some of the groundbreaking projects Ramboll won and completed throughout the year.

2,168 new colleagues joined the company in 2014, of which 2,097 joined through acquisitions. As per 1 January 2015, Ramboll has more than 12,300 employees.

Given the tough market conditions, the overall financial performance was acceptable. Looking at the individual business units, the performance has been mixed with solid performance in our Nordic business units, but poor results in some of our business units outside the Nordic region. As a result, our EBITA margin was 5.0 percent as in 2013.

Solving global challenges locally
Global challenges continue to create demand for local solutions within environment, urbanisation, climate change, resource scarcity and overpopulation. With international reach and expertise across 35 countries, Ramboll works with customers across the globe to meet their challenges through holistic thinking and a multidisciplinary approach.

“Climate changes are unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean that we necessarily face a bleak future. With the right planning and local insight and cooperation across fields of expertise, we will not only be able to protect ourselves against damage – but also build more resilient cities and societies,” says Christian Nyerup Nielsen, Head of Ramboll’s Department for Climate Change Adaptation and Waste Water Management.

Entering the global Top 10
The most notable acquisition in 2014 was the US-based environmental consultancy ENVIRON. The acquisition greatly enhances Ramboll’s presence in North America and places Ramboll in the global Top 10 within environmental services.

“ENVIRON gives our environmental profile a significant boost. The company brings a complementary service portfolio of high-end competencies with growth synergies for instance in air quality, health, site solutions and due diligence. Together, we will significantly broaden our service portfolio and create access to new, multinational clients that enable us to compete for bigger and more challenging multidisciplinary projects,” explains Jens-Peter Saul, CEO of Ramboll.

Communicating on progress
Ramboll’s Corporate Responsibility Report 2014 reports and documents our efforts in integrating principles on human rights, environment and anti-corruption into core strategies and business operations. Among other initiatives in 2014 we introduced our Global Commitment and launched a new Code of Conduct.

For further insight, Ramboll invites you to read the Annual Report and our Corporate Responsibility Report below.

Read the report here