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Ramboll wins framework agreement with Vattenfall

by dbdh

The Swedish utility company Vattenfall has awarded Ramboll a framework agreement focused on developing the District Heating (DH) sector in the UK. Vattenfall has a solid presence in the UK market in terms of electricity generation, particularly in onshore and offshore wind, and has recently expanded its focus area towards strengthening the DH sector in the country.

Ramboll will be working on the implementation of low carbon heat solutions in the UK, mostly acting as our Client’s designer in DH projects, which encompasses looking into the design of an energy centre, network and customer interfaces. Our solid experience working in DH – particularly our past work in the design of cost-effective and sustainable DH solutions in Denmark – will support our work for Vattenfall by customising the efficiency according to the requirements of each project to design the smartest and most climate-friendly heating solutions.

As one of the first projects in connection with the framework agreement, Vattenfall Heat UK has appointed Ramboll as their design services supplier to undertake RIBA Stage 2 & 3 design of the low carbon energy centre and district heating and cooling network for the Brent Cross South project – a new development in North West London for which Vattenfall has been appointed as the Energy Services Company (ESCo).

Street in London

“The new development will consist of 6000 dwellings and 370,000 sqm of non-residential space to be built out over 8 phases. This provides an excellent opportunity for both Ramboll and Vattenfall to showcase their expertise and drive for the design and development of efficient low carbon heat network systems in the UK,” says Evagelos Korais, Ramboll.

Additionally, the scope of our work will reflect our Client’s business areas and will extend to several other responsibilities, including the identification of DH market opportunities where we can work together with our Client as part of the supply chain, as well as finding a synergy between DH solutions and the energy ambitions of local authorities with the aim of procuring and developing DH projects in partnership with them.

“Vattenfall and Ramboll already have a very strong collaboration and relationship in most levels across our and their business. We both have Scandinavian roots and are like-minded. We share a similar attitude to working in the UK market and the energy sector, characterised by a maximisation of efficiency and resource optimisation, so we both understand the importance of renewable energy and the social benefits of district heating,” says Paul Steen, Ramboll.

District energy systems offer the possibility of a more flexible approach to energy, combining the use of local heat resources that would otherwise be wasted, hence reducing the need for fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.