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Ramboll verifies the solar system AURORA in new report

by dbdh

Solar system AURORA has been verified by Ramboll in a new report – and they see new opportunities for synergy in the district heating sector

Ramboll has just published the report “R&D PROJECT 2017-07 – Analysis of the market potential for a new solar system”, in which ScandiMir’s newly developed solar system AURORA is analyzed and evaluated in relation to the usual flat solar collectors on the market.

The conclusions from the comparison are unambiguous: AURORA is considered to have a significant market potential in the district heating sector and within cooling in both Denmark and abroad. It is the combination of AURORA’s significantly higher efficiency, lower plant and operating costs, advantageous heat prices per MWh and a number of unique properties that underpin Rambøll’s conclusions on AURORA’s potential.

“Scandimir is of course, incredibly happy with the conclusions that Rambøll has reached – and there is a great sense of security both for us and our customers in that the system and its functions have again been pressure-tested and verified”, says  CEO Carsten Boye Bisonnel and continues: “We are particularly engaged in the opportunities highlighted in the report about combining the various energy technologies on the market with AURORA, such as heat pumps, flat solar collectors, biomass, etc., thus taking advantage of AURORA’s flexibility over the year. We believe that we can create great value and the best solutions for our customers by combining energy technologies that cover their needs all year round. As pointed out in the Rambøll report, a heat pump plant will be able to achieve higher annual heat production by combining it with AURORA, because AURORA is also strong in the winter months, where the heat pumps themselves cannot draw the production. There is no doubt that Denmark will be stronger as a brand abroad if we manage to collaborate in the industry against completely new constellations and solutions for a given customer need. We hope to contribute to that. ”

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