Ramboll to help Belgium with waste-to-energy expertise

Date: 10/04/2017

An agreement was signed last week with one of Belgium’s leading waste management companies to exchange know-how.

Ramboll has agreed to help ISVAG in Antwerp in providing know-how about the role waste-to-energy can play in the development of district heating to ensure best practice is applied in the implementation of a new waste-to-energy facility in the city.

A Letter of Intent was signed by Thomas Rand, Managing Director of Ramboll Energy, in the presence of their Majesties the King and the Queen of the Belgian at an official signing ceremony in Copenhagen.

ISVAG is responsible for the final processing of non-recyclable household waste from more than one million citizens in the wider region of Antwerp.

Best practice in Denmark
As a significant part of a smarter, sustainable energy system, ISVAG hopes to be a first mover in Belgium in establishing a district heating network using heat generated at their Antwerp waste-to-energy facility.

Belgium – and ISVAG in particular – is looking to Denmark for best practice as Denmark has a well-established district heating network that makes it possible to recover all the energy in the processed waste.

Ramboll has been working for ISVAG on its new waste-to-energy facility in Antwerp during the past 12 months.

When established, the facility will process about 190,000 tonnes of residual waste annually. Ramboll has prepared the outline design and will prepare tender documents required for the establishment of the facility once the final decision on the architecture has been taken.

See also https://dbdh.dk/danish-district-heating-and-waste-expertise-to-belgium/