Ramboll: Private investors no good for district heating

Date: 13/08/2015

In debate article in the paper Børsen today, Peter Heymann and Anders Dyrelund from Ramboll energy respond to an article from August 5.

“District heating is a natural monopoly, which is effective if it is owned by those it serves, namely the consumers. Only those who live in the area have an interest in long-term investments,” say director Peter Heymann and market manager Anders Dyrelund from Ramboll Energy.

The two writers draw on Ramboll’s 40 years of experience with district heating. And tell us that they often have visits from abroad, who cannot understand how it is possible to finance such large long-term district heating projects. And the answer is “the Danish model”: Broad cooperation in the parliament, responsible authorities and local commitment.

Ramboll Energy experience that it is difficult to establish district heating in countries that are dependent on private investors. And if it succeeds, it is typically not as effective.

“The Danish model should be maintained and even expanded with district cooling for the sake of the economy, the heat consumers and our export companies. Otherwise we will lag behind,” say Peter Heymann and Anders Dyrelund.