Ramboll lands EU framework contract for energy

Date: 15/01/2015

The European Commission has chosen Ramboll to feature on a EUR 4m framework contract for energy. The contract covers evaluations and impact assessments that will help shape European energy policies and initiatives over the coming years.

The EU is putting in place an ambitious energy policy, covering the full range of energy sources from fossil fuels to nuclear energy and renewables. The initiative is an attempt to address the major energy challenges facing Europe today, e.g. climate change, increasing dependence on imports, the strain on energy resources and access to affordable, secure energy.

Ramboll and a consortium of European consultancies have overcome fierce competition to win a landmark framework contract for evaluation and impact assessment services for the European Commission, DG Energy.

“The European Commission seeks for evidence and advice to help them design, implement and improve their energy policy in a very complex environment. Given the ambitions of the EU in this policy area, Ramboll has gained a very high-profile position with this framework contract, which will offer great opportunity to strengthen our position in the energy field,” says Xavier Le Den, Head of EU Policy.

The framework contract will support the European Commission in the design, preparation and evaluation of EU policy initiatives on key energy policy areas, such as energy efficiency and saving, energy supply and infrastructure, nuclear energy technology (and decommissioning) and eco-design and labelling.

At the forefront of EU energy policy
The contract marks an opportunity for Ramboll to draw on its comprehensive experience with policy evaluations and impact assessments, its expertise in providing energy solutions and its strong oil and gas consultancy services.

“The multidisciplinary expertise provided by Management Consulting, Energy and Oil & Gas makes Ramboll an attractive and trusted partner for the European Commission. Altogether, Ramboll has the capacity to offer market-leading consulting services all along the value chain of sustainable society development. This framework contract is an acknowledgement of this unique proposition,” says Xavier Le Den.

Services tendered under the contract are expected to have a value of EUR 4m over the next four years.

Source: Ramboll