Ramboll: “There is a great green potential in sharing the office buildings’ excess heat”

Date: 06/05/2021

Søren Brøndum, executive director of Ramboll Denmark Buildings, predicts that in the future the large office buildings and public buildings will be part of the city's energy network and exchange excess heat and cold with the large community.

He encourages the construction industry to take a new approach – both in terms of contributing to the green transition and in relation to a different and more constructive cooperation between builders, contractors and consultants.

"To get to the finish line with the green district heating conversion, it requires all players to get on the field. We need to get out of the box thinking that heat is something we receive, and instead work more together dynamically by large office buildings and public buildings giving some of the heat back the district heating network".

He says that Ramboll is currently working on a project that in the summer will send surplus heat from the 40,000 m2 head office in Ørestad back to the district heating network for common use. He explains that the summer heat today goes to the sparrows instead of being stored for the winter.

"We are changing that now, and in the future we will save the summer heat to be used as heat in winter. The excess heat from there will be sold to HOFOR and thus go into the district heating network."