Ramboll acquires large consultancy in Hamburg

Date: 30/04/2014

Ramboll Management Consulting joins forces with Hamburg-based Putz & Partner and grows by 20%. The acquisition doubles Ramboll’s presence in Hamburg and adds substantially to our private sector consulting expertise and provides a stronger foothold in the energy sector.

While Ramboll engineers work on the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link between Denmark and Germany, Ramboll’s consulting division takes the fast lane to strengthen ties to Europe’s largest economy.

With immediate effect, Putz & Partner becomes the newest member of Ramboll Management Consulting, after executives on both sides of the table agreed to join forces. This brings another 100 people to the disposition of Ramboll’s growing client base in Northern Europe. One of the executives putting pen to paper is Thomas Kveiborg, Executive Director at Ramboll Management Consulting. He says: “This acquisition meets our strategic ambitions to strengthen our home markets especially outside Denmark, to gain a strong foothold in private sector consulting and to expand our service portfolio. So I am truly pleased to welcome Putz & Partner to the Ramboll Group, as this makes us an even more attractive partner to clients throughout Northern Europe, in sectors such as energy, transport, logistics and also consumer and industrial goods. Putz & Partner has been a primary target for us, as it is a solid and well-managed company. And like us, they are partly foundation-owned with a long-term perspective on doing business, and share as well our sustainable approach to society.”

Synergies exceeded expectations
Based on ever-changing market demands and new trends in the consulting industry, every consulting company has to look for a successful long-term strategy, says Putz & Partner CEO, Volker Rothenpieler. He sees significant synergies in joining Ramboll. Synergies that exceeded initial expectations: “With this, we are now able to offer our clients broader support and know-how from consultants of diverse nationalities and competencies. Also, we enhance services such as leadership development, business intelligence, benefit realization, and energy consulting. An important prerequisite for our decision to join was our confidence that Ramboll shares our values and principles about customer-focused quality and sustainability. We will maintain our strength with highly experienced consultants, but at the same time discard our limits.”

A perfect anchor for business
As a Hanseatic city, business and trade lie deep in the Hamburg DNA. A former Hamburg citizen himself, Ramboll Group CEO, Jens-Peter Saul confirms that this multi-million city is a perfect anchor for business: “In our current strategy, we identify cities as desirable markets in themselves. Especially three cities came out on top of our lists: Hamburg, Singapore, and New York. Hamburg is pushing for green and sustainable solutions, so they also value what we offer and this market is growing. That’s why we bought Hamburg-based IMS in early 2013 and I am delighted that we now position ourselves even more as a market leader and authority on liveable cities.”

The acquisition of Putz & Partner is Ramboll’s second in 2014. Only a week ago, the engineering and consultancy group acquired a part of Pöyry, adding 435 employees to the Finnish operation. This brings Ramboll to more than 10,500 employees globally.

Source: Ramboll