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Ralf-Roman Schmidt

by Linda Bertelsen
Schmidt Ralf-Roman, AIT_Krischanz_portrait

Photo © AIT_Krischanz

Ralf-Roman Schmidt is a senior research engineer and has worked at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology since June 2009

At the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, he is responsible for developing and managing national and international projects in the field of district heating and integrated energy systems. 

His research priorities are decarbonization strategies and sector coupling. He holds key positions in international networks (e.g., in the IEA DHC and the RHC-ETIP). After finishing his studies in process and mechanical engineering at the University of Bremen in 2005 (including a visiting researcher position at the University of Alberta, Canada, 2002/2003), he received his Ph.D. degree in the field of thermo-fluid dynamics in 2013.


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