Home News Raised from bankruptcy half a year ago – now Salling Plast is merging with a competitor.

Raised from bankruptcy half a year ago – now Salling Plast is merging with a competitor.

by Linda Bertelsen
SallingPlast is merging with Polish BGIndustry Photo: SallingPlast

Member News | In September 2022, Salling Plast was declared bankrupt, but the activities have been re-established since then. Now the North Jutland company is merging with Polish BGIndustry to stand as strongly as possible in the future European market and to be at the forefront of technology and capacity.

When Geert Skovsgaard, CEO at Salling Plast, talks about the merger, the focus on competitiveness, capacity, flexibility, volume, specialization, and increased customer focus are the essential keywords:
– The merger means that we will be one of the most prominent European market players in the future. Together, we will offer a more substantial product range and geographical proximity to the largest customers and thus be able to follow and support the development in the coming years. In this way, competencies and specialist knowledge are concentrated at the individual factories so that it is possible to attract and retain the best employees for future growth, says Geert Skovsgaard.

Specialized factories

From BGIndustry, it reads:

– Both companies will benefit significantly from the merger. In BGIndustry, we can focus even more on large-scale manufacturing and processing of components in HDPE at the factory in Poland. On the other hand, says Bo Jensen, Salling Plast in Denmark will focus on pre-insulated fittings and valves and particular tasks for the industry in general.

The combined company has factories in Ranum in North Jutland and Zabrze in Poland, and a modern factory in Hurup Thy, where customer-specific solutions and components in pressure pipes are developed and manufactured, primarily in large dimensions.

Will match increasing demand in the green transition

Salling Plast and BGIndustry already supply and service numerous components for the industry’s most prominent players. Strong growth in demand for products used in the green transition is expected in the coming years, including specific components for use in rolling out district heating and district cooling, as well as pre-insulated pipe systems for industry.

The need for pressure piping solutions such as components for infrastructure projects, water treatment, aquaculture, wells, tanks, and pipelines is also increasing, and the focus on these products and projects is equally important.

With the merger, BGIndustry and Salling Plast will strengthen competitiveness through scaling and increased focus on industrialization, standardization, and volume. From now on, these factors must form the basis for the sustainable development of the two companies to benefit both customers and employees.

Translated from energy-supply.dk