District heating, pumps and insulation beat investments in green energy

Date: 25/09/2014

According to the International Energy Agency investments in energy efficiency are now so big that they exceed what is spent on renewable energy.

Although insulation, high-efficiency heat pumps and district heating are far from being equally visible in the landscape as wind turbines and solar power plants, the desire to invest in energy-efficient solutions now globally surpasses the wish to invest in renewable energy – so according the International Energy Agency, IEA, in a new report.

At the same time, the investments in energy-efficient solutions are so large that they match the investments in fossil fuel energy production, says the IEA.

Overall, worldwide $ 300 billion were invested in energy efficiency in 2011, which corresponds to the total investment in fossil energy production in the same year.

States have seen the advantage
The progress of the energy efficiency solutions are mainly due to more and more countries and companies having seen the trick of reducing the energy consumption – both from an economic and a social perspective, the IEA estimates.

Danish potential
The figures from IEA show that while in 2011, about 300 billion dollars were  invested in energy-efficient solutions, the corresponding figure for renewable energy were 250 billion dollars and for fossil energy production 300 billion dollars as well.

“Danish companies are strong when it comes to technology in the entire spectrum of energy-efficient technologies and, likewise, the Danish competencies in energy consultancy are outstanding. This we are already utilising to a large extent. If the cake gets even bigger worldwide and we simultaneously maintain our share, we are talking about quite significant new export revenue for Denmark,” says Rasmus Tengvad, chief consultant at Danks Energi.

The new report from the Danish District Heating Industry have also confirmed the positive tendencies.

Source: EnergiWatch