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Promising prospects for cooperation between DBDH and Castilla y León

by dbdh

The memorandum of understanding between Castilla y León and DBDH, initiating the a partnership with the Spanish Bioenergy Association and regional politicians in the region of Castilla y León in Northern Spain seems very promising. The objective of the MOU is to promote renewable energy and make district heating more efficient in the region.

Through the cooperation DBDH intent to create a meeting platform for Danish and Spanish district heating companies and strengthen trading relationships between the two countries. The objective is to help establish Danish companies in the region thus enhancing the use of renewable energy in district heating plants.

Ever since 2006, the numbers of district heating plants in Spain have more than tripled. In the regions of the more cold areas of Spain, there is a rising need for Danish knowledge and technology in terms of heating. The Danish technology will make energy from heating plants more efficient. In addition, it will help to make use of the regions vast resources of forest and agriculture.

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