Press release obout the Danish district heating road show in Ukraine

Date: 21/04/2016

In cooperation with Danish Embassy in Kyiv, DBDH is in charge of a District Heating Sector Visit in Ukraine which is taking place these days.

There is great interest from the Ukrainian press, for example this press release from Vinnytsa (translated):

On April 18, in Vinnytsia City Hall a technical workshop took place on the development of the district heating system of the city. Participating in it were representatives of Vinnitsa enterprises and their colleagues of Denmark. Foreign experts in the development of power systems shared their experiences, acquainted with the work of urban heating, and organizations talked about the strategic planning of the grid.

In December last year, representatives of the Vinnitsa enterprises operating in the district heating system, visited Denmark in order to get acquainted with the work of similar companies. The representative of DBDH Pia Zimmermann, one of the organizers of the event, said that the meeting, which is a return visit, represents the continuation of dialogue and cooperation.

The representative of the Danish Energy Agency, Anders Hasselager, told about how Denmark began to develop a centralized heating system from scratch in the 70s of last century, due to the sharply increased oil prices. The country began to look for ways to optimize the power consumption, and one of the steps was the construction of the district heating system. Building adequate infrastructure gave impetus to the development of the district heating system throughout the country.

According to Anders Hasselager, today the situation in Ukraine is similar, because gas prices are currently quite high. But Ukraine has an extensive district heating system that can be restored. Deputy Mayor Igor Vinnitsa Korolchuk said that Vinnytsia utilities that provide heating services to residents, through cooperation with various international organizations already have some experience in the modernization of district heating.

Read the original press release here (in Russian)