New analysis sets the stage for more district heating – and new policy initiatives

Date: 20/05/2014

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) has now officially announced its analyzes of the energy area. District heating is to be extended significantly to ensure the green transition.

The district heating analysis that EA Energy Analyses and Cowi  handed over to the DEA several months ago has now been endorsed and published by the board along with the other analyzes of energy. The contents of the district heating assessment has not been changed – not even after the assessment and the other analyzes have been presented to the Parliament’s energy spokesmen.

In socio-economic terms, according to the district heating analysis it makes sense to extend the collective heat supply – especially in existing district heating areas. Today, district heating covers 50 percent of the total heating in Denmark, but that share must rise to 62 percent by 2035, the analysis indicates.