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Press release by DBDH

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New cooperative agreement between DBDH and the Chinese district association
Today in Beijing the Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Building Minister Martin Lidegaard opened a Danish-Chinese district heating seminar with the participation of decision-makers, technology manufacturers and government officials.

The seminar also sees the signing of a cooperation agreement between DBDH and the Chinese district heating association CDHA designed to increase the exchange of information and help to create the basis for new Danish-Chinese district heating projects in China.

According to Lars Hummelmose, CEO of DBDH, the cooperation is an important element to help the district heating sector to meet their expectations for the exports to China to increase by 4.5 billion DKK towards 2020, thus becoming the country the largest export market for Danish district heating technology.

At the seminar in Beijing Martin Lidegaard launches a publication which DBDH and the Danish Energy Agency have published, about district heating in Denmark and China. The publication gives specific proposals for what actions China must take to be able to further develop and streamline district heating in China and thereby reduce pollution. This contributes to better quality of life for their citizens, cleaner air in cities, as well as to a strong reduction of global CO2 emissions, which will be of benefit to everyone.

For more information contact Lars Hummelmose, phone +45 29 90 00 80