Potential geothermal heating development announced near The Hague, Netherlands

Date: 23/01/2019

Reported locally, Hydreco Geomec, Haagse Aardwarmte Leyweg (Hal), AgroEnergy-Eneco, growers from the region of Noukoop-Balijade and the municipality of Pijnacker-Nootdorp (near The Hague) have signed an agreement of intent to improve the feasibility of geothermal supply to the existing heating network of Ypenburg, greenhouse horticulture area of Noukoop -Balijade and the other built environment in Nootdorp to investigate.

Together they have already applied for an exploration license for the Ypenburg / Nootdorp zone. After being granted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, they start exploring the possibilities for the use of geothermal energy in this zone. If the research is successfully completed, homes, offices and the adjacent greenhouse horticulture area can be supplied with heat in a sustainable way in the future.

The subsurface in the region has already proven itself in various other geothermal projects. In combination with the existing heating network and the experience that the initiators already have, this makes it possible to realize the geothermal projects here within a few years, if the research is to be positive.

For example, the geothermal energy plant Leyweg and Hydreco Geomec have already gained a great deal of knowledge and expertise in making the geothermal energy project Leyweg in The Hague operational. They want to use this knowledge to develop various geothermal projects in the Ypenburg / Nootdorp zone.

AgroEnergy, a part of Eneco, is involved as an energy partner in greenhouse horticulture. About 10,000 homes and companies in the region are connected to the existing heating network of Eneco in Ypenburg. “The combination of homes and greenhouse horticulture companies on one heating network means that the available heat can be used even more efficiently,” explains director Rien Bot.

Ambitious greenhouse growers

On the customer side, the greenhouse horticulture companies in the Noukoop-Balijade area want to make their energy supply more sustainable. They have already decided to set up a heat cooperative. This is in line with the ambition of the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector to be climate neutral by 2040.

The municipality of Pijnacker-Nootdorp wants to be energy-neutral by 2050. For this she wants to draw up an energy transition plan. “As part of this, the municipality also wants to make the heat supply in Nootdorp and Noukoop-Balijade more sustainable,” says Alderman Frank van Kuppeveld (CDA). “The use of geothermal energy is a great opportunity for this. We do not make a choice yet, but do research. The results of the research provide important building blocks for the energy transition and better insight into how the Ypenburg / Nootdorp region fits into an area-wide heat infrastructure. Through collaboration with other parties, we can use knowledge from practice. ”

Source: FluxEnergie