Positive vote on backloading proposal

Date: 04/07/2013

Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard welcomes the European Parliament´s positive vote on the carbon market ´´backloading´´ proposal: “With today´s vote, the European Parliament has sent a clear message: Europe needs an effective ETS and a genuinely European climate policy. I of course welcome this positive vote which also shows that the European Parliament shares the Commission´s view: we must have a well-functioning European carbon market to boost innovative low-carbon technologies in Europe. The next step is now for the Council to take a decision. The sooner, the better, so that we can move on to the structural reform of the ETS as soon as possible.”

According to Ulrich Bang, EU-chief of Dansk Energi, it is a good day for all the many companies, associations, unions and environmental organizations across Europe that have worked to raise awareness of the consequences of the proposal. “It is important with a “YES”, so we can continue and intensify the work with a green and joint European energy and climate policy. The adoption of the proposal is a clear political support for a strengthened European emission trading scheme, which, together with other measures aimed at renewable energy and energy efficiency can stimulate investment in clean technologies, which are essential for the modernization of the European energy system”.

Source: Political Press EU / Dansk Energi