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EBO Consult was established in 1931. The company started as an engineering firm with consultants in the house building field with focus on building construction and heat installations.

In the 1990’s the company changed its focus and began to target the energy sector. The district heating area has our focus and we perform varying levels of management for several district heating companies.

Our values:

Trust and respect: We respect the customers in our relations and we do it in a way where customers also have respect for us. It is equally important to build a relationship based on trust, where the customers and we communicate without biased opinions and positions. It also relates to our internal communication where respect and trust are important elements in the social competencies that support the execution of assignments in EBO Consult. To build respect and trust, we are active listeners and communicate assertively in our daily work.

Transparency: We work openly and with an open dialogue in our relationship with our customers and internally in the organization. Transparency enables a clear and understandable communication which simultaneously empower effective and determined decisions.

Evident performance: We work for effective and cheap district heating with a focus on customer centricity. It pushes the way we participate in decision making processes and the way we perform our job. Our appearance and the way we communicate enhance the impression of an open and sincere organization which enables effective and determined decisions by accomplishing the needs of our customers and business partners. In the organization, we give each other feed-back and support each other’s performance.

Sustainability: We work to achieve a physical and a social sustainability. The physical sustainability follows that the development of society changes in a sustainable way, e.g. by using renewable energy and improving the energy efficiency of our resources. The social sustainability follows that we communicate our values to our customers and business partners. In that way, we continue to maintain sustainability as an important value externally and internally.

Our services:


  • Management of all consumer contacts regarding district heating, such as collection, settlements and follow up on district heating taxes
  • Professional secretariat work for the district heating plant’s board
  • Participation in and possibility of conducting shareholders meetings
  • General and specific legal advice regarding the running of the plant (legal audit)
  • Status reports of ongoing or future constructions/installations/projects
  • Energy reports, e.g. the handling of CO2 quotas
  • Contact with the plant’s partners, e.g. other plants, municipalities and ministries.

We make agreements regarding administrative services for the individual district heating plant. All services are priced in a clear and concise manner for the customer.


  • Effective financial administration based in dff-edb’s standard programs, known by most district heating plants, and which contain debit and credit accounting tools
  • Secure budget planning and safeguards
  • Reporting of and follow up of prices to The Danish Energy Regulatory Authority (which is an independent authority that monitors companies in the Danish energy sector with focus on ensuring that energy is provided at fair and transparent prices)
  • Preparation of annual reports for audits
  • VAT calculations
  • Preparation of supply/delivery agreements with suppliers/consumers/end users of district heating
  • Most favorable placement of the companies’ liquid assets
  • Monitoring of energy prices, possibly combined with benchmarking with other comparable district heating companies

As a standard, we have negotiated favorable agreements with the banks concerning the return on investment of the company’s assets. We also have a close working relationship with authorized accountants, who vouch because EBO Consult administer its finances. There are of course duly prepared accounting guidelines for the administration of EBO Consult finances.


  • Qualified inspections with maintenance of installations
  • Executive management and supervision of work taking place at the district heating plant
  • Suggestions for changes and/or improvements in the operation
  • Bill audits and budgetary control on maintenance and construction/installation work
  • Competent heat technical inspection of the installations
  • Approval of new installations, as well as operating instructions
  • Energy consultation provided to the customer/end user of district heating
  • Participation in planning and execution of expansion of the installations
  • Reading and monitoring of the district heating meters (e.g. in the event of remote monitoring)
  • Calculation of usage in the event of meter malfunctions with regard to complaints being made to the authorities
  • On call services
  • CTS surveillance 

Service packages offered


Offering different service packages for district heating companies is a fundamental principle of ours.

At the beginning of a project, we start by analyzing the concrete tasks that need to be performed. The scope of the analysis is agreed upon by both parties.

When this analysis has concluded, we offer variously priced packages that solve the tasks at hand. Thereafter, it is the responsibility of the district heating company to decide upon the scope of EBO Consult tasks.

We only use the resources agreed upon with the management for solving the task at hand – neither less nor more. But due to the fact that several district heating companies use EBO Consult services, there is a certain profit to be seen in the services that benefit the customers.

Common sense, comprehensive updates and new knowledge are central in our service packages.

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